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stolen from :iconl1m1ted-sanity:

1) Name: Sydney
2) Name Backwards: Yendys
3) Were you named after anyone?: My name was after my dad's best friend Johnathan Sydney (yes I was named after a boy) the waters of Chaos
4) Does your name mean anything?: It means a city in Australia *shrug*
5) Nickname(s): Syd, Sydfishus, Sea-dney (because my friends try to apply fish puns to peoples names cuz they're weird) Lucy, Psycho...
6) Screenname(s): MissLucysLeeches (deviantART) Hello-Rawr-Monster (tumblr) Cyan Kippler (facebook) Grasshopper Waya (youtube)
7) Date of Birth: January 13
8) Place of Birth: Florida
10) Current Location: Florida
11) Sign: Capricorn
12) Religion: Pagan (caught somewhere between Wicca and Norse Pagan)
13) Height: 5'5"
14) Weight: I haven't checked in a while...probably around 150 but I seriously don't look can check out my pics and decide for yourself.
15) Shoe Size: I have very strange feet. I wear 8 to 8 1/2 in heels, 9 in tennis shoes 8-10 in boots and 6 in roller skates and ice skates
16) Hair color: Right now it's dark brown, last school year it was blonde, the year before that it was reddish-brown and before that it was black and before that it was light brown.
17) Eye color: brown
18) What you look like: pale, medium height...i suck at describing what I look like.
19) Innie or Outie: Innie
20) Righty, Lefty, ambidextrous: Righty
21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other: Undecided
22) Best friend(s): Offline - I don't really have that many good friends offline...they're more like close acquaintances that I would never invite to my house. Solstice (because she is adorable and hilarious) Austin (because he is a supersaturated solution of FABULOUSNESS) Alex (because she laughs at almost everything I say) and Susie (cuz she's an amazing writer and has seen Emilie Autumn live) Online - funkyhouse123, SUGresistance, xQueenishx
23) Best friend you trust the most: I trust no one
24) Best friends of the same sex: Susie, Alex, and Solstice
25) Best friends of the opposite sex: Austin
26) Best Bud(s): meh
27) Parent(s): Carolyn and David
28) Worst Enemy: I hate everyone
29) Favorite online Guy(s): Like Danisnotonfire? idk
30) Favorite online Girl(s): like VenusAngelic
31) Funniest friend(s): Alex and Austin
32) Craziest friend(s): Susie, Austin
33) Advice Friend(s): Angelica
34) Loudest Friend(s): Susie
35) Person(s) you cry with: I don't cry around people

Do You Have...

36) Any sisters: I have a dog...she's my packsister
37) Any brothers: Nope
38) Any pets: A dog (Jack Russell Terrier) she is more like my sister
39) A Pager: Nope
40) A Personal phone line: I do not.
41) A Cellphone: Yes a really old Nokia flip phone that neither sends texts or goes online! I'm retro!
42) A Lava lamp: I have two. One is normal size and one is small. The small one works but the large one doesn't gloop (flow) the way it used to...or at all.
43) A Pool or hot tub: ha! Yeah I have a pool. It's about fifteen feet wide, circular and less than four feet deep. It's above ground.
44) A Car: No.

Describe Your...

45) Personality: When I'm alone and around people I don't know then I am a total squirrel and I come off as a hostile, antisocial, hermit girl who will kick you in the face. When I am around my friends or people I'm comfortable with (ergo friends) I am insane...and not like really hyper and peppy (though I am like that too) more like paranoid schizophrenic...which I am actually...only not paranoid I think it's disorganized schizophrenia. WHATEVER! I am extremely outspoken and come off as extremely eloquent and intellectual (in writing) I am very good at arguing. I don't have a very defined personality because it switches constantly. I am an introvert. I have a very unstable soul wavelength (for all you Soul Eater fans who come across this) and I sort of adapt to the wavelength of the people I am around...adopting some of their personality traits. I'm like STEIN!!! :iconspinsteinplz:
46) Driving: Technically I am old enough to drive...but I didn't get my permit when I was fifteen so I obviously don't drive as a sixteen year old.
47) Car (or the one you want): I want a '67 Chevy Impala (black) one of the newer Chevy Camaro's (neon orange), a new corvette...or maybe a 2013 (silver and blue), and Audi R8, and if we're getting really fancy of course a Ferrari and a Lamborghini because they are glorious.
48) Room: my room has the same light blue paint on the walls that was there since my dad was nine years old. I have a queen bed, a book case that is more than full, an entertainment center that has a tv on it that my uncle got from a hotel...i don't know how he got it. I have an easel that is a dry-erase board on one side and a chalk board on the other side (i hate chalk board) and I have a makeshift alter with candles and incense and such on it and a dresser that was my grandmother's and is really old and I have a closet that has clothes in it that I sometimes hide in when I don't want anyone to find me. I have a papason chair that is broken (that i got from a thrift store type place) and i have a bunch of posters and random drawings and pages from magazines.
49) Mmh: What?
50) School:Local high school GO MUSTANGS! (not) It's all outside...not the class rooms but the hallways are.
51) Bed: Queen bed...the matress is older than I am and used to belonged to my parents...I WAS CONCEIVED ON THE BED I SLEEP IN!!! That is so grotty!
52) Relationship with your parent(s): I only keep them around to pay the bills and buy me stuff...

Do You...

53) Believe in yourself: Um...I don't understand this question. Of course I believe in myself because I exist. Just like vampires and fairies exist! What if I don't exist? What if I am only here to be a part of my parents reality and once they stop believing in me than I will cease to exist!
54) Believe in love at first sight: No. I believe in physical attraction at first sight.
55) Consider yourself a good listener: Not at all. If it doesn't concern me or something I am interested in then I pretty much tune it out.
56) Get Along with your parents: I get on with them well enough. I butt heads with my father a lot.
57) Save your e-mail conversations: Not really.
58) Pray: I don't pray...exactly. I trees and the wind and nature and my dog. I feel like all of nature (animals included) are a form of deity (I'm sorta wiccan) so that's what I 'pray' to.
59) Believe in reincarnation: It's a nice thought and I'd like to believe we get to keep coming back until we get it right.
60) Like to make fun of people: gives me an adrenaline rush to make people that wrong?
61) Like to talk on the phone: NO! I hate it with a fiery passion!
62) Like to eat: I hate eating. I only do it because it's necessary and when I'm bored.
63) Get motion sickness: Sometimes. When I read and when the windows are closed.
64) Eat the stems of broccoli: Aren't you supposed to?
65) Eat Chicken fingers: YES
66) Dream in color: That I can remember...
67) Type with your fingers on home row: Yes.
68) Sleep with a stuffed animal: I sleep with three. A frog that I've had since I was 2 and his name is Frog...Edgar Frog. A big bear named Hero and a small bear named Teddy which is short for Theodora.

What is...

69) Right next to you: Right next to me is empty space. A little farther than that is a wooden chair to my left and a ping pong table to my right.
70) On the walls of your room: A bunch of posters and magazine clippings and a banner that says "Happy Birthday" and a collage I made of my fave anime characters and a Tulpa symbol from Supernatural that I painted and the angel banishing sigil which i also painted and a Paramore poster and just a lot of stuff.
71) On your mouse pad: I don't have a mouse pad on either of my computers
72) Your dream car: Where do I start? I'd love a newer corvette or a camaro or an Audi R8...or a Ferrari...I saw my first Ferrari (in real life) two days ago and I nearly had a heart attack. It was lime green and beautiful. *drooling*
73) Your dream date: Anything fun where I don't feel extremely awkward. My current boyfriend isn't from the same dimension that I am...sooo...yeah. But we're super tight. We've never been on an actual date. We just hang out like buds...and occassionally make out.
74) Your dream honeymoon spot: MEGACON!!!
75) Your dream spouse: *cough* Tom Hiddleston *cough* A guy who is nice to look at, intelligent, can carry on an actual conversation, and someone I don't feel awkward around, and someone who likes me back (obviously) someone slightly psychotic who knows how to have fun
76) Your bedtime: Ten during the weekdays. Eleven on Mondays because my mother and I watch Lost Girl. Around midnight on weekends.
77) Under your bed: Posters that I don't like, dust, bits of trash, playing cards, my secret box!
78) The single most important question: Where does the human consciousness go after someone dies?
79) Your bad time of the day: The last three periods of the school day. I feel like banging my head repeatedly into my desk because I'm surrounded by idiots. Students and teachers alike.
80) Your worst fear(s): Spiders...definitely. Having to grow up and make my own decisions. What happens to me after I die. Those are the worse ones.
81) The current weather: Twilight and humid.
82) The time: 7:56pm
83) The date: April 3rd, 2014
84) The best trick you ever played on someone: I had a girl convinced that I was a demon in the eighth grade. She tried to make a contract with me.
85) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Black Bear ribs...squirrel and mozerella omlets...Moose taco's...
86) Theme Song(s): Unstable by Chaotica, Fight Like A Girl by Emilie Autumn, I Despise by Chaotica, Kill Me Every Time by Blue Stahli, Super Sadist by Jack off Jill, Tear Away by Drowning Pool, Underjoyed by Jack off Jill, Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry, Commanche by In This Moment, System by The Vampire Lestat (Jon Davis), Cherry Bomb by The Runaways, Poison by Alice Cooper, Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue...OMG there are so many!
  • Mood: High
  • Listening to: Cry little sister by I will never be the same
  • Reading: Rainbows, Snowflakes, and Quarks
  • Watching: Psycho Gothic Lolita
  • Playing: music
  • Eating: ice cream and bananas
  • Drinking: water


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